Jacob Lives

Over 100 music tracks inspired by Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and others, for PSX-styled horror games.
This Star Wars-inspired pack contains music for every Sci Fi setting: action, exploration, and even cantina tracks!
Inspired by the Music of Red Dead Redemption and Others, this pack is your One-Stop-Shop for Western Music.
Inspired by the music of Elder Scrolls and others, enjoy over 4 hours of top-tier music in this all-in-one package.
Inspired by Elder Scrolls and others, this pack provides you with Iconic Themes to mark your game as one to remember.
This Elder Scrolls-inspired music pack offers a wide variety of sweeping melodies and ambient stillness.
Inspired by Elder Scrolls, Elden Ring, and others, this asset is a collection of Music Tracks for all Battle settings.
Inspired by the music of Elder Scrolls, this music pack is best suited for all settings Dark, Dank, and Ancient.
The Most Diverse Music Bundle for Casual Games is here! 180 Original Music Tracks, 59 Music Loops.